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Selected Top-Ranking Univs Around The World

batumi state medical university
Batumi, Georgia | World Rank: 5327
25% Muslim Population in Batumi
Batumi Central Mosque is 5 Minutes from the University
Tuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Ufa, Russia  | World Rank: 4470
80% Muslim Population in Ufa
Halaal Food is commonly available in the entire district
Tuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Nalchik, Russia | World Rank: 5327
42% Muslim Population in Nalchik
Complete Religious Freedom is the norm here
Tuition Fees: 2 Lacs/ Year
Aktobe, Kazakhstan  | World Rank: 6469
95% Muslim Population in Aktobe
Kazakhstan is completely a Muslim Country
Tuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Almaty, Kazakhstan  | World Rank: 1834
90% Muslim Population in Almaty
Almaty is a big city with a lot of Mosques
Tuition Fees: 4 Lacs/ Year
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  | World Rank: 5950
90% Muslim Population in BishkekBihkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan with all facilitiesTuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Andijan, Uzbekistan  | World Rank: 5522
95% Muslim Population in Andijan
Birthplace of Mughal Emperor Babur with a lot of history
Tuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Cairo, Egypt  | World Rank: 548
90% Muslim Population in Cairo
World's most historic and prestigious universities
Tuition Fees: 4 Lacs/ Year
Nanjing, China | World Rank: 255
Complete Religious Freedom in Nanjing
Separate Hostel Facilities for Boys & Girls Tuition Fees: 3 Lacs/ Year
Dhaka, Bangladesh  | World Rank: 6144
95% Muslim Population in Dhaka
Separate Hostel Facility for Boys & Girls
Tuition Fees: 4 Lacs/ Year
Dhaka, Bangladesh  | World Rank: 7123
95% Muslim Population in Dhaka
College exclusively for women
Tuition Fees: 4 Lacs/ Year
Nanjing, China  | World Rank: 751
Not as much Muslim Population but complete Religious freedom, and tolerance can be found in Nanjing
Tuition Fees: 4 Lacs/ Year

How We Choose Universities


We seek good universities in cities with good Muslim population for easy availability of mosques and Halal food is easily available.

Top Ranked Universities

Education can't be compromised - and therefore, we work only with globally ranked universities that are affordable.

Safe & Secure Environement

Universities in cities that boasts of good quality of life and are extra particular about student safety tops our list of selected universities.

Students who've become Doctors

Dr. Salman

South-east medical university
In my 5 years of education in China, I have never had a single incident where I was singled out because of my religion. In fact, we got special hours off for Friday prayers. Overall, Nanjing is a safe and tolerant place.

Dr. Obaidullah

Nanjing medical college
There is no limitation as to what you can do or not do as long as you comply with the general civil laws of the country. Our university even organized for Eid Celebrations!

Dr. Shazarin

West kazakhstan university
Kazakhstan is a very safe, and tolerant country for people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. The environment is progressive while still being rooted to its traditions.

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NMC Rules and Regulations

Understand National Medical Council rules and regulations for India and Abroad. Simplified and 100% accurate based on notices and gazettes published by the Govt. body.

MBBS Abroad

All things you need to know about pursing MBBS Abroad. This includes what you should look for, countries and its advantages, fees information, rankings and so much more.

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