Uncover the ancient land of medical excellence in Egypt, combining affordability and hands-on experience.

MBBS in Egypt

Uncover the ancient land of medical excellence, Egypt, and embark on an enriching medical education. Immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural setting while receiving affordable tuition fees and hands-on clinical experience. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the medical field.

Masters studies

Masters degree can be continued here as it has universities where the medium of clinical practice is in English.

Indian Food Available

Indian food is easily available and you wont miss home food during your journey of pursuing your MBBS here.

Prestigious Universities

Most of the universities here are almost 100 years old and has a heritage of high quality of education for medical studies.

Well Recognized

Esteemed medical institutions offer recognized programs and foster student exchange, creating a globally oriented learning environment for aspiring doctors.

Top Facilities and Infrastructure

Excellent medical facilities and infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities for hands-on learning and practical training in the field of medicine.

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Key Details of MBBS in Egypt

The table below contains all the key information about pursuing an MBBS Degree in Egypt.


Duration of MBBS Degree in Egypt4.8 years of coursework + 1 year internship
Budget RangeFees start from INR 4.8 Lacs/year
Medium of InstructionStrictly English
University RecognitionsNMC, WHO, WFME, ECFMG, FAIMER
Intake window for new studentsMarch and September
NEET Exam QualificationRequired, if student has not appeared for NEET or has not qualified, they cannot apply for Georgian Universities. Also, NEET Qualification is Mandatory if you intend to practice in India after MBBS degree in Georgia. According to new NMC rules, NEXT exam is required to get license for Indian and foreign MBBS students.
IELTS/TOEFLNot required
Basic Eligibility Criteria50% in Biology, Physics and Chemistry for General at 10+2 OR 40% for SC/ST/OBC or reserve categories
Scholarship AvailabilityScholarships are not applicable for Indian students intending to study in Egypt
Local LanguageLocal language will be taught in first 2 years as part of MBBS coursework


Kick start your journey to getting a MBBS degree and becoming a doctor. Talk to an expert now!

Comparative Analysis: MBBS in Egypt vs India

Comparison: MBBS in Egypt vs India
Egypt India
Tuition fees and living expenses in Egypt are generally lower compared to private medical colleges in India. Private medical colleges in India tend to have higher tuition fees and living expenses.
The admission criteria for MBBS in Egypt are typically less competitive, providing increased chances of securing admission. Admission to medical colleges in India is highly competitive, with limited seats available.
Egyptian medical universities are recognized by global medical councils, ensuring acceptance of the degree internationally. Indian medical degrees are recognized globally, but some countries may have specific licensing requirements.
Most medical universities in Egypt offer MBBS programs in English, eliminating language barriers for international students. MBBS programs in India are primarily conducted in English, but some regional languages may be used for patient interactions.
Egyptian medical universities offer ample clinical exposure in well-equipped hospitals, providing hands-on training to students. Indian medical colleges also offer extensive clinical exposure through tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare institutions.
Egyptian medical universities have high academic standards and experienced faculty members. Indian medical colleges have experienced faculty, but quality may vary across institutions.
Studying MBBS in Egypt provides a unique cultural experience, interacting with diverse student communities and exploring a new country. Studying MBBS in India provides a deep cultural immersion within the country itself, with exposure to diverse traditions and practices.
The eligibility criteria and entrance exams for MBBS in Egypt are typically more straightforward compared to India. India has specific eligibility criteria, and students must qualify competitive entrance exams like NEET to secure admission.
MBBS in Egypt is typically a 6-year program, which includes one year of pre-medical studies followed by five years of core medical education. MBBS in India is generally a 5.5-year program, including four and a half years of academic education and one year of compulsory rotating internship.

Kick start your journey to getting a MBBS degree and becoming a doctor. Talk to an expert now!

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Kick start your journey to getting a MBBS degree and becoming a doctor. Talk to an expert now!

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